Mac’s at 19 Broadway Fairfax Bar and Lounges


Mac's at 19 Broadway is a popular spot in Fairfax. Before the 2010 earthquake, it was a regular hangout for local and San Francisco rock bands and a mainstay of the Fairfax music scene. However, the town began to gentrify and family-friendly dining options grew, making it difficult to keep up with the demand for live music.

Live music

Whether you're looking for a live band or a regular open-mike night, Mac's at 19 Broadway Fairfax bar and lounges has something for you. The bar has patio seating and is a great place to listen to local music. The music is casual and the bar has a comfortable atmosphere.

The bar has a long history in Fairfax, California. In the past, Mac's was a center of the local rock scene, with live performances almost every night. The neighborhood's aristocracy often came to hear local rock bands perform here. While the bar is no longer home to local rock bands, it remains a popular spot for local music enthusiasts. The bar has a full bar and patio seating, which is perfect for listening to live music.

Live music at Mac's at 19 Broadway is a great way to unwind after work. Mac's hosts open-mike nights and has live bands almost every night. There's also a full bar and a friendly atmosphere, which makes it an ideal location for a date or a special night out.

Open-mic nights

Long-running bar with open-mike nights and live music. It also has patio seating. The atmosphere is casual. Mac's is a popular spot for people who want to relax after a long day at work. It is also great for meeting people who love live music.

Mac's at 19 Broadway is a historic bar that hosts open-mic nights and live music on the weekends. The bar also offers a variety of Lord Fairfax cocktails. The cocktails are made with house-made shrubs and bitters.

Before the quake, Mac's at 19 Broadway was an important part of the Fairfax music scene. Local rock bands performed nearly every night at the bar. It was popular with locals and aristocrats. However, as gentrification in Fairfax increased, it became harder for the bar to draw rock fans.

If you love live music and a fun night out, Mac's at Nineteen Broadway is a must-visit in Fairfax. The bar offers a built-in stage and features live music almost every night. The MYX lounge also offers craft cocktails and a retro vibe.


Before the earthquake struck, Mac's at Nineteen Broadway was an institution in Fairfax's rock scene, where local bands played nearly every night and local aristocrats mingled. The bar stayed open and hosted local rock bands after the earthquake, but it soon lost its rock-and-roll vibes as the town slowly gentrified and family-oriented restaurants took over.

Mac's at 19 Broadway serves classic Prohibition-era cocktails and features live lounge music. The drinks are reasonably priced, at about $12 to $14 for a draft beer and $14 to $20 for a craft cocktail. Try the Lord Fairfax, a mix of gin, amaro, and bourbon.

Mac's at Nineteen Broadway is a fun, speakeasy-style bar in Fairfax. The drink menu features Prohibition-era cocktails, as well as wine and craft beer. This Fairfax bar and lounge also offers live entertainment every weekend. On Mondays, the bar hosts a Blues jam.

Relaxed atmosphere

Mac's at 19 Broadway is a classic, local bar in Fairfax with live music and a relaxed atmosphere. Known for its great food and range of drinks, this Fairfax bar features live entertainment almost every night. Lively performances include rock bands and local musicians. The bar also hosts open-mic nights.

The relaxed atmosphere of Mac's at 19 Broadway is perfect for a night out after a long day at the theatre. The bar serves cocktails and craft beer. Try the house-made shrubs and bitters. The drinks are $12-$14, and the menu changes frequently to reflect current culinary trends. Mac's is also known for its Lord Fairfax, which features a blend of gin, bourbon, and amaro.

Mac's at 19 Broadway is a classic Fairfax bar that has a long history. It features live music and open-mic nights and a wide selection of beer and wine. Featuring a Steinway piano and red-velvet decor, Mac's offers a casual atmosphere and a fun night out.